Demirer Group

We continue our commercial journey with our family company, which was established in 1964, under the name Demirer Group, where we merged our companies operating in many fields.

As Demirer Group, we have been serving in the field of Foreign Trade, construction, electricity, agriculture and greenhouse cultivation since 2000.

Our vision; To take care of the maximum benefit of our customers and business partners with whom we work in line with a long-term trust-based service approach.

Our goal is; is to grow with the difference we have created, to double our strength by preserving our dignity and values.


Achieving efficiency in the sector where profitability is essential starts with the establishment of your farm projects. There are many aspacts that affect productivity such as correctly planned layouts,elektronic herd management systems,comfort and proper nutrition of your animals.

The process starts with farms established in accordance with the climatic conditions of your region,allowing your herds to live more efficiently in a comfortable area.The right animal selection and supply is the most important issue that a business should attach importance to. Adequacy of regional feed resources is a great advantage in the sector in which it operates,maximum return can be achieved in areas where feed resources are not sufficent or with the feed additives you will use in order to get more efficiency. We serve you in the supply of feed additives and pharmaceuticals.

Farms established with a correctly designed farm plan give minimum cost and maximum efficiency. The supply of the flock is ona of the biggest factors in the process.In a farm with an incorrectly selected herd, the damage is maximum and its correction causes long processes and costs. Wwe serve you with our experienced veterinarians şn the selection of breeds suitable for regional climatic conditions,high productivity,diseasefreeness,and animals that have reached appropriate adulthood with in the expresiance we have gained in this regard.

With the right selection of the machinery and equipment you use and their integration with technology,we ennsure that you ,the investors,receive minimum damage and maximum benefit.We provide services in the supply of all necessary machinery and equipment,from the correct harvesting and preservation of the feed you have produced,to packaging and mixing in the right proportions and serving to the animals. Herd management systems,which have entered our lives with the development of technology,are essential for the development of technology,are essential for the efficiency of farms,animal health,minimizing losses and increasing the number of animals. Our company provides service to you,our valued customers,by partnering with partners who have proven themselves in the world,especially in herd management systems.In herd management systems,the compatibility of veterinarians with the system is as important as the efficiency of the systems. It is important for veterinarians to evauate the data such as estrus and disease periods determined by the system in a timly and accurate manner,to iniate the treatment process if treatment is required,and to control fertilization in estrus. You can get veterinary consultancy service from our company.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry;We provide servicez from the highest point to the lowest point of the poject-based sector such as project design,product selection ,product supply,supply of construction consumbles,new and second-hand supply of construction tools and equipment.

Marble and Stone 

Thanks to our quarries in Anatolia,which has the world's largest marble reserves.Demirer Marble,we export our marbles in blocks,slabs and specially sized cuts to the whole world. We build your marble dreams by importing different marble and stona demans from other countries of the world.

Demirer Furniture and Decoration

Demirer Furniture and Decoration is a well-established and respected company specializing in woodworking-based projects with a high level of detail and scale.
Over the years, we have become very flexible in providing manufacturing solutions from drawing to assembly for many other segments such as residential, restaurant, hospitality and commercial space, completing many high-end projects for the retail industry.
As Demirer Furniture and Decoration, we are fully equipped to offer you your turnkey project at a high quality level. Our references are proof of our capabilities.

Demirer Agriculture and Greenhouse 

In the sector where profitability is essential,we meet you with the right producers and buyers in the whole process from installation to planting,from planting to harvest,from harvest to sale,and we make a profit for your income.We provide equipments,material supply and information transfer to our customers in all processes that ensure the healthy and timely development of your products with our experienced agricultural consultants,which starts the production process correctly with the selection of seeds,fertilizers and pesticides suitable for the climatic conditions of your region,in all processes that ensure the delivery of the right packging products to your customers şn the most efficient way.

We supply all equipments and spare parts in your projects. 

Although all the conditions from the production process to harvest are provided correctly cold storage is one of the most important elements that will allow you to keep the products şn case they cannot reach the right buyer on time. We prevet you from losing your earnings with our cold storages,which are correctly designed and set up to use minimum energy. 


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