Completed Agriculture &Greenhouse Projects

Demirer Agriculture and Greenhouse

In the sector where profitability is essential, we meet you with the right producers and buyers in the whole process from installation to planting, from planting to harvest, from harvest to sale, and we make a profit for your income. We provide equipments, material supply and information transfer to our customers in all processes that ensure the healthy and timely development of your products with our experienced agricultural consultants, which starts the production process correctly with the selection of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides suitable for the climatic conditions of your region, in all processes that ensure the delivery of the right packaging products to your customers in the most efficient way.

The selection of all the equipment to be used in your fields and greenhouses in a way that requires proper power, trouble-free, economical, fast spare part supply and low maintenance cost in direct proportion to the size of your projects minimizes the problems experienced in the enterprises and maximizes the profitability.

We supply all equipments and spare parts in your projects.

Although all the conditions from the production process to harvest are provided correctly, cold storage is one of the most important elements that will allow you to keep the products in case they cannot reach the right buyer on time. We prevent you from losing your earnings with our cold storages, which are correctly designed and set up to use minimum energy.

Completed Agriculture &Greenhouse Projects

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